Everything to know about a Thai ladyboy escort


Now, the stories regarding a Thai ladyboy escort are pretty wide in variety when compared with anything else. After all, every guy who wants to hook up with some escort has at least once thought about what it would be like to spend a night with a ladyboy or a transsexual. In many cases, you may even take one to your room thinking it's a girl.

Most men cannot comprehend the fact that such a thing even exists. Most of the times, people arestumble upon ladyboy escorts by accident. So the best way to know about them is to ask them. You better get used to their language because this is the only way you can be a hundred percent sure. You don't want any uncalled for surprises in bed, do you?

  • Bars

Just like all other escorts, there are separate bars for a Thai transsexual escort as well. You will find all the different kinds of escorts that you can possibly think of over there. Places like Patpong, King's Castle and Nana Plaza are all filled with bars that provide such escort services. You will probably want to experience a few of them before settling on a single one.

  • Street Hookers

And like all other escorts, a Thai ladyboy escort can also be found in the shape of street hookers. If you walk down places like the Sukhumvit Road, you will find a huge number of such street escorts waiting to be hired. So if you fancy any one of them, this is the place to be in. There are also tons of luxury hotels out there which have escorts on the front gate.

Their Services

The kind of services they provide is not any different to any of the services provided by your usual escorts. Sure, a lot depends on the sexual preferences, but the thing is they are in it for the money. So if you make a request, they are more likely to follow it.

You should also take care of the prices beforehand. The rates usually range from 1000-1500 Baht for short periods of time. For extended periods, you will obviously need to pay more. So make sure you know the rates before hiring one for yourself. You may end up paying way more than you actually want to when dealing with a Thai ladyboy escort. And that is something you would probably want to avoid at all costs.